The goal of our initial engagement is to evaluate whether my office may be able to help you with your case. Please fill out the Contact Form with as much detail as possible. Or call (530) 341-3409.


After evaluations, I can consult with you to explore potential courses of action and determine your next steps, regardless of whether you decide to retain my office or you self-represent.

Unbundled Services/Limited Scope Representation

Unfortunately, due to lack of access to affordable and competent legal help, many people represent themselves in critical legal matters without any attorney assistance. I try to help increase access to legal services through the use of unbundled and limited scope agreements.

“Unbundled legal services” can be hourly or flat-fee arrangements. You pay for help with a limited part of your case, depending on what you want or can afford.

Some examples of unbundled services are: 

  • advice and consultation;
  • drafting court documents;
  • reviewing documents;
  • filing court documents;
  • negotiating with an opposing party or counsel;
  • preparing you to represent yourself at a hearing; and
  • reviewing settlement offers

Full Representation

I offer full representation and can handle every aspect of your case. I will work closely with you to find ways to keep down the costs of full representation.

Self-Help Assistance

If, for whatever reason, you decide to represent yourself (Pro Se) instead of hiring an attorney, the unbundled services approach/limited scope representation (see above) is a good way to get you the help you need. Keep in mind, however, that it is best to get competent legal advice at the outset, before making the decision to self-represent. Correcting mistakes is usually more work and costly than getting it right the first time.

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