I am committed to promoting well-being; creating a just society where competent legal service is accessible to all; abolishing white supremacy, racism, patriarchy, colonial mentality, and capitalism; and creating systems of care.

As such, the following core Indigenous Filipino values and concepts guide my legal practice:

  • Babaylan

Babaylan is one of the names by which an Indigenous Filipino healer is called. I draw from the values of the Babaylan who restores people to their wholeness and reconnects them to themselves, others, and the land. Your well-being as my client is my priority.

from the Kapwa Tarot Card Deck by Jana Lynne Caldetera Umipig
  • Kapwa

Kapwa is the Filipino word for the spirit that lives in each one of us, connecting us all. In my dealings with my clients, I go beyond just the transaction and, instead, build relationships based on care. In my dealings with third parties, I value collaboration and cooperation, understanding that conflicts are best resolved when everyone’s needs are addressed.

  • Ginhawa

Ginhawa is Filipino word for well-being. It is also a Bisaya word for breath or the act of breathing. I strive to help you pursue a life where you’re able to breathe easily (literally and figuratively). I not only help you with your immediate legal needs but also look at the broader context of your life to see how it is affecting your legal needs. I further support by helping you find Kapwa-centered service providers to help you better practice self-care.

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